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  • 1h virtual webinar
  • 7 September 2023, 10:00am CEST
  • Speaker: Brett Cameron
  • Topic: Replacing Legacy Message Queueing Solutions with RabbitMQ
  • Level: Introductory and overview

One of the original motivations for AMQP was the so-called middleware hell that had plagued organisations for decades due to the lack of open standards and the existence of proprietary and expensive message queuing products that did not interoperate, necessitating the development of adaptors and gateways that were costly to implement and maintain. However, while AMQP was originally conceived to help solve this existing problem, the protocol and products like RabbitMQ that evolved from it have largely been applied to solving new problems. This then raises the question as to whether RabbitMQ is equally applicable to the solution of traditional integration problems involving legacy software as it is to these newer problems. This talk will consider this question. The viability and benefits of replacing proprietary solutions with RabbitMQ will be considered. Challenges associated with such modernization initiatives will be discussed and solutions to some of these problems will be presented.


General audience. Most relevant to people interested in using RabbitMQ as an alternative to existing proprietary message queueing solutions in legacy environments.


To describe how RabbitMQ can be used to modernize legacy application environments.


the speaker


Brett Cameron is Chief Solutions Officer at VMS Software Inc. and occasional RabbitMQ consultant. Previously Brett worked as a senior architect with HP’s Cloud and Enterprise Services groups focusing primarily in areas such as distributed systems, transaction processing, integration, and legacy application modernization leveraging open-source technologies. Brett has worked extensively with Erlang and RabbitMQ for over 10 years, developing and supporting solutions using the technology set as well as delivering training and consulting, not to mention porting Erlang and RabbitMQ to various exotic operating systems. After spending several years based in Europe, Brett is now living back home in Christchurch, New Zealand. In his copious spare time Brett enjoys listening to music, playing the guitar, and drinking beer.

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